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frequently asked questions

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Made from 100% natural ingredients



What do your products contain?

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients. Our webshop has product descriptions so you can see what each product contains. 

What flavors are there?

We currently offer our spoons in chocolate and bread flavors.

Feel free to send us an email at if you have a flavour you wish to taste in the future!

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all Gottlery products are vegan. 

Where can I buy your products?

How nice that you want to help the environment in a good way with our edible cutlery! We update our instagram @gottlery constantly with new customers, so you can see where you can get them near you!


Perfect for a soft dessert


Skip the garbage, eat the spoon instead!

Can the spoons be used in coffee and other liquids?

Our edible spoons work great for stirring coffee and other hot or cold drinks, but should not be kept in the drink for a long time as the cutlery is heat sensitive.

How many calories are there in a spoon?

It depends on which flavor you are interested in, in our webshop there are product descriptions on the products so you can see exactly how many calories the product you want contains. 

Do the spoons hold when you eat with them?

Yes, the spoons are sturdy and perfect for the soft desserts. Like plastic cutlery, they can break with hard desserts. 

I want to buy spoons for my company, how do I order?

How fun! Contact us for further information via email at

more questions?

Send an email!

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