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Waffle Dream

Our biscuit spoon in waffle flavor is sugar-free and is best enjoyed with yogurt and smoothie bowls! Enjoy a picnic in the sun with Waffle Dream.

Chocolate Crisp

The biscuit spoon in chocolate flavor is a favourite! Chocolate Crisp is vegan and is perfect for parties or events.

Vår vision
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Our Product

Gottlery biscuit spoons are the savior for those who want to reduce waste from disposable cutlery! The spoons can be used for all soft desserts and best of all - they are edible!


So when you finish eating your dessert, you can throw the spoon into the stomach or the compost. And it gets even better - they're made from natural, vegan ingredients, making them lactose-free and completely biodegradable. Now you can have your biscuits and eat them too!

The Gottlery Family
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