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Happy couple eating edible spoons



ICA Focus Korsvägen

ICA Ovrells Kortedala

Triumf Glasscafé Sävedalen

JumpYard Munkebäck

Gelato Station Svingeln


Kosterheds Strandcafé, Huvudsta Strand 

Dirty Coco


ICA Kvantum Malmborgs Erikslust

The rest of the long country of Sweden

Norra Strand glassbar, Mellbystrand

Gute Glass, Visby

Glass-å-Hoj, Skellefteå

Farmors Gårdsbod, Grimslöv


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Become a business customer

Do you want to order spoons for your company? Fill in the form and we will send you a quote.

The biscuit spoons are sent in packs of 500 containing 25 pockets with 20 spoons in each.

Tack för ditt meddelande!


Waffle Dream

Our biscuit spoon in waffle flavor is sugar-free and is best enjoyed with yogurt and smoothie bowls. Enjoy a picnic in the sun with Waffle Dream.

Chocolate Crisp

The biscuit spoon in chocolate flavor is a favourite! Chocolate Crisp is vegan and is perfect for parties or events.

Vår vision

Our Product

Gottlerys offers the market edible cutlery that does not become rubbish after use and gives you a unique taste experience. If you appreciate delicious dessert, but at the same time want to minimize your waste, then biscuit spoons are for you! 

Stop throwing away in a good way - with Gottlery's edible disposable cutlery!


                   ENJOY THE TASTE OF

                          LESS WASTE

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