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Cookie Policy

Information about cookies

Gottlery AB uses cookies on the website. According to the Electronic Communications Act, everyone who visits a website with cookies must have access to information that the website contains cookies, as well as the purpose/use of these.

You as a user must also have the option to consent to cookies being stored on your computer, which can be done through settings in the browser you use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. These are sent from our website or our partners' servers and saved on your device as described below. We use different cookies:

  • Session cookies is a temporary cookie that expires when you close your browser or app. This is used so that we can identify you while you visit the website. 

  • Permanent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. This is a file that is permanently saved on your device and is used to improve your user experience. This includes, for example, the possibility for us to be able to adapt the website according to their wishes, choices and interests.

  • First-party cookies are cookies set by the website you are visiting.

  • Third party cookies are cookies set by a third-party site. This is provided by third parties to carry out web analysis and traffic measurement.

Why do we use cookies?
  • For web analysis, for example to obtain information about how visitors interact with the website.

  • With the help of cookies, we can adapt advertising to your behavior and thus show relevant products/services to the right person.

  • To improve your experience, for example to create personalized offers, remember what is in your shopping cart and enable various services and functions to work as they should. 

The cookies we use improve the services/products we offer you. Some of our services actually need cookies to function properly, while others are simply there to make our services more manageable or convenient for you or your company.

Necessary cookies are absolutely necessary to be able to offer our basic functions and services, e.g. remembering of shopping cart or customer portal. Our services would not function without these cookies.

  • Analysis cookies

Provides overall analytical information regarding your use of our services.

  • Functionality cookies

Make it possible to save settings such as language/browser settings or whether we should prefill your data in e.g. form/checkout. Without these cookies, we would not be able to tailor our services to your preferences. These cookies are necessary, because it is fundamental to our services that your experience with us should be as good and smooth as possible.

  • Security cookies

Make our services and your data safe and secure, as they help us detect fraud/hacking attempts and properly protect your data. As this is an incredibly important part of our services, these cookies are clearly necessary.

Who do we share the cookies with?

Gottlery AB shares the cookies with Google to view the cookies from the website. 

Google analytics/Search Console/Tag manager.

We use these tools to track and analyze our visitors. Google ensures that users remain anonymous and that no identifiable information is sent or shared.

How do I refuse cookies?

If you do not accept cookies, you can configure your browser so that cookie files are not downloaded to your computer. Then all cookies are turned off. However, temporary cookies are necessary to be able to navigate our website, the website will not work if temporary cookies are not accepted. If you do not want data to be collected about you as described above, you can block cookies from third-party cookies in your browser.

You are always warmly welcome to take Contact  with us at Gottlery AB for more information about our cookies. For more information on how we handle and collect personal data please read our personal data policy below.

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Personal data policy

We protect your privacy and want you to feel secure in how we process your personal data. In this policy, we tell you how we use personal data that we collect or that is submitted to us. Gottlery AB is the personal data controller for the personal data processing specified below.

When does personal data processing take place?


On the Website you can buy goods and services directly from Gottlery AB. When you buy something on the Website, you enter into an agreement with Gottlery. In order for us to be able to administer your purchases and fulfill our commitments to you as a customer, it is necessary for us to process the personal data that you provide or have provided to us.

Registered data

The personal data that Gottlery collects and processes may, depending on the context, include:

  • social security number;

  • name and contact information, including address, mobile number and email address;

  • delivery and billing information, payment and credit card numbers, and other information that you provide in connection with the purchase or delivery of a product or service;

  • purchase, payment and order history;

  • other information relevant to customer surveys, advertisements or offers;

  • other user-generated information that you actively choose to share through our website or through other contact with us; and or

  • IP address.

Collection of your personal data can take place from the following sources:

  • the website, e.g. when you order a product or service, choose to subscribe to our newsletter, participate in one of our competitions or when you contact us by email.

  • through cookies (see more under the section above on "cookie policy").

Why do we process your personal data?


Gottlery AB processes customers' personal data within the framework of the purposes and with the support of the legal grounds stated below.

Completion of purchase agreement:

We process your personal data to fulfill your purchase of goods and services, to deliver these, to carry out payment and to give you access to the Website and the services that Gottlery provides there, e.g. our customer service.


Fulfill legal obligation:


We process your personal data to fulfill legal obligations due to legal requirements, judgments or authority decisions, such as requirements in the Accounting Act and the Product Liability Act. This means e.g. that we save invoice documents according to current accounting rules and purchase history so that you can claim a purchase.

Legitimate interest:

  • We process your personal data in order to provide, implement, develop and improve CDON's services for our customers. For this purpose, we analyze the personal data that we collect from our customers (eg age and purchase history) and sort customers into different segments in order to perform analyzes on an aggregated level and for statistical purposes. We do not carry out any analysis of your personal data on an individual level.

  • We process your purchase history and your email address to send you relevant offers regarding similar products. You can always object to this treatment, see more about this in the section Your rights below.


  • Newsletter subscribers


Gottlery processes your personal data for the purpose of sending Gottlery's newsletter in the manner specified below.

Fulfillment of agreement: We process your personal data to send you newsletters with personalized offers, discount codes and information about relevant campaigns from Gottlery. For this purpose, we analyze your personal data on an aggregated level.

Competition participant

Gottlery processes your personal data if you participate in a competition organized by Gottlery for it

purposes and the legal basis set out below.

  • Consent: We process your personal data in order to administer the competition, which means selecting winners and communicating the winnings. We will also check the winner's age.

  • Legitimate interest: If you contact Gottlery's customer service with questions or comments regarding a competition, Gottlery will process your personal data in order to complete the contact with you.

Storage of personal data

Gottlery takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely. Your personal data is never saved longer than is permitted by applicable law or to achieve the purposes stated above. Your personal data is processed by us during the time periods below, after which the personal data is deleted.

  • Customers: If you have purchased an item on our Website, your personal data (name, social security number, address, telephone number, e-mail as well as payment and delivery information) provided in connection with ordering goods and services will be saved for two years or as long as required for that Gottlery or our Collaborators will be able to fulfill the agreement with you. This includes processing to fulfill delivery or service commitments. This does not apply if we need to save your personal data any longer due to any of the points below.

  • Newsletter subscribers: If you have signed up as a subscriber to Gottlery's newsletter, your personal data will be saved until you unregister from receiving the newsletter.

  • Subscribers to price monitoring on the Website: If you have signed up as a subscriber to price monitoring of goods and services on the Website, your personal data will be saved for a maximum of one year if no price changes occur. If there is a price change within a year, the monitoring will continue to be active and will be extended by one year at a time from the date the last price change notification was sent to your registered email address. You can choose to unsubscribe from price monitoring at any time by clicking on the link included in the e-mail that goes out with information in the event of a price change, by logging into your user account on the Website or by contacting Gottlery's customer service and notify that you wish to have your personal data deleted.

  • Competition participants: If you have consented to Gottlery processing your personal data in connection with competition participation, we will save your personal data for as long as is necessary to administer the competition. When we no longer need the personal data to administer the competition, it will be deleted. You can withdraw your consent to participate in the competition at any time by contacting Gottlery customer service.

  • Communication: If you have contact with Gottlery, e.g. via e-mail with customer service, your personal data is stored for as long as is necessary to complete the contact.

  • Legal obligation: Gottlery saves your personal data (contact details, purchase history, payment details and your contacts with customer service) as long as we are obliged according to the applicable law or authority decision.

  • Direct marketing: We may process your personal data for direct marketing for up to two years after the end of the customer relationship, provided that you do not opt out of such direct marketing before then.

When Gottlery no longer has reason to process your personal data or if you withdraw your consent, your personal data will be deleted.

Register extracts and corrections

As a registered natural person, you have, among other things, the right to access the personal data Gottlery processes about you. You also have the right to have any incorrect, incomplete or misleading personal data corrected by ottleryG. Please note that this only applies to factually or legally incorrect information. You, as a registered natural person, also have the right under certain conditions to have all your personal data completely deleted by Gottlery. However, this does not apply to personal data that Gottlery must save according to applicable legal requirements or to be able to fulfill an agreement. At Datainspektionen you can read more about your rights.


Gottlery takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing and access, loss, destruction or damage to personal data, thereby ensuring an appropriate level of security.

Change of privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy if necessary. We may occasionally make changes to this policy but when we make material changes to this policy we will provide you with a clear notice taking into account the circumstances, e.g. by sending an email. Therefore, please ensure that you read all such messages carefully.


Thank you for reading our privacy policy. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to

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